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inst ZTEU.S. companies suffer amid▓ punitive ban against ZTEU.S. companies suffer amid puni▓tive ban against ZTE04-26-2018 14:29 BJTAmerican companies that supply chips and other components to Chinese telecom equipment maker ZTE Cor▓p. are experiencing sizable revenue loss after the United States i

mposed a denial of export privileges against the company on April 16.Shares of

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everal U.S. suppliers of ZTE slumped immediately after the U.▓S. Department of Commerce banned sales of components▓ to ZTE for seven years for its alleged violations of the Export Administration R▓egulations.The stock prices of Acacia Communications Inc., Oclaro, an▓d Lumentum plunged 35.97 percent, 15.18 percent and 9.06 percent, respectively, on the day when the ban was announced.Acacia, the Mas

sachusetts-based optical interco▓nnect components maker, is among the major affected American companies.The company noted i▓n a February filing th

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.2-million-U.S.-dollar yearly revenue in 2017."We depend on a limited number of customers for a signifi▓cant percentage of our revenue and the loss or temporary loss of a major customer for any reason could harm our financial condition," said Acacia in

the filing.The company is taking steps to su▓spend af


fected transactions as a result of the ban and is assessing the impact of these developments on Acacia, it said in a statement.Oclaro, a U.S.-based business m▓anufacturing and selling optical components, also does substantial sales to ▓ZTE.According to O

claro's annual fiscal report, ZTE accounted for 105.

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3 million dollars, or 18 percent of its revenues in the fiscal year that ended July 1, 2017.Lumentum, which does substantial sales to ZTE, also suffered collateral damage from the U.S. puniti▓ve decision. Its stock price has slid by 20.3 percent since the denia▓l order was announced."The ban will not only severe▓ly impact the survival and development of ZTE, but also cause damage to all partners of ZTE including a large number of U.S. companies," ZTE said in a statement.More than a dozen U.S. companies listed ZTE as a cus▓tomer in previous financial filings.NeoPhotonics, a California-based optical gear maker, issued a statement on April 17, saying that its direct revenue from

ZTE during fiscal year 2017 was approximately 1 percent of

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tal revenue of 292.89 million dollars.NeoPhotonics provides component products to certain ZTE supply chain partners, which are estimated to account for approximately 3 percent of its total revenue in 2017, according to the statement.Without the ban,▓ the company believes its annualized revenue with ZTE and its supply ch▓ain partners

would have grown up to 5 percent, but the expectation

"will not be realized," the company said.On

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April 19, China's Ministry of Commerce (MOC) said that the U.S. action against ZTE will damage itself.▓"The action targets China, however, it will ultimately u▓ndermine the United States itself," said MOC spokes▓person Gao Feng.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatBoeing delivers f

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